WEBINAR: Understanding the risks around head injuries in construction – Hard hats and mishaps 

Thursday 16th June 2.30pm BST – Register here.

A Construction Management survey in association with helmet safety technology company Mips revealed a lack of training and awareness around head injuries and their possible causes on construction sites. Now, a new study conducted by Imperial College London at The HEAD Lab tells us how incidents occur generally and what happens when we fall.

The Imperial College study was conducted in conjunction with Hard Hat Awareness Week 2022 and may help us to further understand the risks around head injuries in construction and their causes. The study concentrates on fall accidents from the same level and from height.

This webinar will cover:

  • The need for a better understanding of head injuries/concussions and the industry standards, which ensure that hard hats can provide good absorption of linear impacts whereas some of the most common incidents on-site are slips, trips and falls, more likely to cause a rotational injury. – Chris Tidy, Mips.
  • Imperial College London – Study results – Over 2000 computer simulations of falls and trips have been performed to determine the distribution of head-ground impact speed, angle and location of the head. It aims to determine the protection performance of a range of construction helmets against these new impact conditions– Dr Mazdak Ghajari CEng MIMechE FHEA Senior Lecturer – The HEAD Lab, Imperial College London.
  • As the UK’s leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment, Arco has kept pace with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated consumer, by educating the supply chain when it comes to better understanding the risks. – Alex Turgoose, Arco.


Chris Tidy – Product/Training Specialist @Mips
Chris has his own Specialist Training and Consulting Company and works as a consultant for Mips as a Product/Training Specialist. Chris has rapidly become an expert in head injury and its mechanisms propelling him to be the BSI British expert in Head Protection. He currently sits on TC158 WG1 updating the standard EN397 as well as being an active member of ISO3873 Global Head Protection Standard and BS PEL/78 Live Working. He regularly attends expert speaker slots and is renowned for his approach to training. Chris believes that head protection needs to be addressed globally through standards giving greater protection to the workforce.


Alex Turgoose – Product & Procurement Manager – PPE @arco
Alex has been working within Arco for 16 years, the last 7 as Product & Procurement Manager for PPE. He holds a deep understanding of customer needs and requirements across sectors from his time as a National Account Manager for Arco giving him the ideal perspective when selecting products. He has a passion for keeping people safe at work and getting them home safely at the end of the day.



Dr Mazdak Ghajari Senior Lecturer (Associate Prof) @Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London
Dr Mazdak Ghajari is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Prof) in Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London. He had a pioneering role in establishing the TBI biomechanics research area at Imperial College, bringing together engineers, neuroscientists, biologists and designers. After finishing his PhD, Mazdak was awarded an Imperial College research fellowship to launch his independent research on understanding the biomechanics of TBI and preventing it. He then joined the Dyson School of Design Engineering, where he founded the HEAD lab, an interdisciplinary research lab for understanding and preventing injury through design. He is the recipient of the young researcher award of the International Research Council of Biomechanics of Injury. Mazdak is an active member of the head protection committees of the BSI, ISO and CEN, where he is contributing to the development of new helmet test methods.

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